• 2020 Personal Poinsettia Orders

    2020 Personal Poinsettia Orders

    For personal orders, please use this link. Your personal orders may be picked-up on December 5th at Turner's Nursery.For U of M personal orders please click hereFor all other personal orders please click here
    Click here for personal orders
  • 2020 UofM Poinsettia Orders

    2020 UofM Poinsettia Orders

    For UofM personal orders and/or to donate a plant to a UofM patient, please use this link. UofM order pick up will be on Wednesday December 2nd at the Main Medical Campus. We will email you the room location prior to the pick up day. You may also pick up your order on December 5th at Turner's Nursery. To donate a plant, please select the 2020 UofM Patient Donate 4.5 inch Poinsettia..
    Click here for UofM orders.

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